Super Striker Online Slot Rating and reviews

This is not the first time that NetEnt has scored a goal thanks to their ability to create slot games that are not only easy to understand but also an incredible amount of fun to play. The action of this game takes place inside of a stadium, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by passionate football fans as you watch a straightforward three-by-three reel on which the symbols are, in a nutshell, football boots, players, and goals.

The “Bet Slip” option allows players to make additional bets in addition to combining symbols in the game. The bet slip feature nearly adds a second game to the proceedings, and the multi-level free spins round, which has multipliers that continue to climb during the round, will keep players intrigued in this exciting game.

The lowest possible stake you can put is £0.10 each spin, while the highest possible bet is £75. If you get a very fortunate spin, you may end up winning 5,000 times your original bet.

Tutorial on how to play the online slot machine Super Striker

The famous Super Striker slot game, like all other popular NetEnt games, can be played on desktop computers, mobile devices (including those running iOS and Android), and tablet computers. It is very satisfying to note that the game was developed in such a way that the experience on mobile devices is identical to that on desktop computers.

The first thing a person playing Super Striker will need to do is decide how much money they want to wager (the range is from £0.10 to £75), and then they can begin their quest for greatness. The objective of every slot game is to form winning combinations of symbols; to do this, you just start the reels spinning and cross your fingers that you win some cash awards.

The golden player is the symbol you want to keep an eye out for the most since it has the potential to pay out 100 times your original wager and at least 10 times more than the symbol that is currently ranked second highest on the paytable. Standard boots, golden boots, and a striker who is rejoicing are some examples of medium symbols. The first, second, and third goals that are scored each have the potential to add up to a payment, which is located at the bottom of the pay table.

At the main menu, you have the option to adjust the settings, or you may use the bet slip feature to add more wagering. You may expect to find auto spins as a feature in this game, and due to the high volatility of the game, taking use of this option is strongly recommended, since there is a possibility that you will have dry runs on occasion. However, if you are utilizing the bet slip, you need to ensure that the autoplay feature is set to the same number of spins as the total number of spins on which you are betting.

The return to player percentage (RTP) is respectable, particularly when you take into account the fact that it rises with the help of the bet slip option, and the five-level free spins feature is an interesting component of this game after you activate it by assembling the appropriate scatters.

Super Striker Features & Free Spins

Even while there isn’t a progressive jackpot, which is a letdown, there are other methods to increase the amount of money you take home. In point of fact, the bet slip function is one of the most important aspects of Super Striker, and NetEnt makes excellent use of this aspect.

The bet slip gives players the opportunity to make additional bets to what could occur with each spin or group of spins. For instance, you might be able to gamble on the frequency with which a certain symbol would appear. Utilizing this tool couldn’t be simpler. In a nutshell, all you have to do is choose the icon that you hope would show up, choose the amount of spins you want (anything from 10 to 100), and then set your wager. The wager with the highest bet really has the potential to yield a staggering £978,000!

Don’t forget that if you are fortunate enough to activate the bonus game, the bet slip will merely be stopped, and you will be able to return to it when the game has concluded!

When we talk about the bonus game, we can say that this is an excellent aspect of Super Striker. In this game, there are five stages, and the multipliers rise as you go through the game, which may lead to some very impressive victories. You may enter this game by combining three football scatters, one golden scatter, or two football scatters. Alternatively, you can combine two football scatters and one golden scatter.

The game Super Striker does not have a wild symbol; however, it does include two scatter symbols that have the potential to result in bonuses. As was previously said, triggering a combination of football scatters will provide you with free spins, while triggering a combo of golden scatters will award you with some significant winnings in real money during the main game.

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